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Diamond Beauty Program

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Hey Gamer!

                     I am so excited you want to be apart of

                 Diamond Beauty Program.

                 There are amazing benefits of becoming a                             Gold and Diamond Beauty  

Gold Beauty - Affiliate Level

  1. Your Own Community Code​​​​ (5%)

  2. Early Preview Program​

  3. Feature Access

Diamond Beauty - Partner Level

  1. Community Code (10%)

  2. Early Preview Program

  3. PR packages

  4. Feature Access

  5. Monthly Gifts/Giveaway items for you or your viewers (based on sales)

  6. 2-Day Shipping ($50 Minimum)

  7. Sponsorships

Once you decide to join our team is the best decision, press the BIG RED BUTTON. There will be a couple easy questions to determine your Diamond Beauty Affiliate Program Package. Don't worry all information submitted is safe with me. 

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